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Scientific and Historical Reasons to Legalize Heroin for Medical Purposes in the USA

Scientific and historical evidence is presented that 1) the current legal system of dealing with the opioid crisis is not effective showing no success and too many unnecessary deaths and 2) that it must be replaced by the scientific/medical system which has been shown to be much more successful. In this case, new rehabilitation approaches can be offered which have already been successfully implemented in Switzerland and some European countries. One of them is the Heroin Assisted Therapy or HAT. Here, the opioid abuser receives professional help in special clinics and injects pure heroin. This program has been shown to be quite effective in preventing drug abuse related diseases and deaths and in returning many individuals again to a normal social and professional life. If introduced into the USA, it could help opioid dependent individuals more effectively and prevent many opioid overdose deaths. This new strategy requires that the government must legalize heroin for medical purposes.


Wolfgang H Vogel

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