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Substance Abuse and Legal Considerations in Ethiopia

Substance abuse is a maladaptive pattern characterized by repeated adverse consequences related to the repeated use of the substance. Alcohol, khat, and cigarettes are commonly used substances in urban as well as rural areas. To prevent and control substance abuse, developing and implementing laws and policies are crucial especially for developing countrieslike Ethiopia. Tobacco/cigarettes, khat, and alcohol were reported to be the commonly used substances in Ethiopia. Substance abuse is known to be an emerging problem in Ethiopia; there is a lack of information regarding substance abuse. The adverse impact of substance use on the physical health, social wellbeing, and mental health of students was also stated but not well documented. There is legal consideration from the Ethiopian proclamation and policies but still, there are no clear and enough laws regarding drug abuse. In the current review, the hazardous effects of substance abuse, the most commonly missed substance use, and their legal consideration were summarized. Thus, this review aimed to assess the use of the most common substance abuse and legal consideration in Ethiopia


Alem Endeshaw Woldeyohanins, Betelhem Awoke, Christina Bereded, Kisant Tadesse, Zemene Demelash Kifle

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